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Student programs

Corrimal High School regularly engages in programs in order to assist its students. The information below discusses some of these programs, how to apply for them and what they are all about.

Tutoring support

Corrimal High School employs a range of tutors to assist students to improve in literacy, numeracy and specific subject content. This occurs during normal school hours at no cost to the student or family. This included MultiLit, QuickSmart and Apirational Pathway (Indigenous).

Top blokes

A 16-week interactive school program that uses peer mentoring to tackle issues that teenage boys aged 14-17 struggle with, including risk-taking behaviours, peer pressure and mental health.


Built on the premise that true generational change starts with the empowerment of girls, Shine works with young women to provide them with essential life skills to support their personal education and career development.


Youth Aware of Mental health, YAM, is a universal evidence-based mental health promotion program for 14 – 16 year olds.

In YAM, youth are considered experts of their own mental health and their voices and experiences take centre stage. Role-play offers the possibility to think about experiences of the past, present and future inviting different forms of action. No specific set of skills or rule-based discipline to promote mental health is offered. Instead, youth are invited to reflect by comparing, explaining and evaluating their actions or reactions.

The tools of reflection acquired in YAM are intended to have a continuing effect over time. YAM provides youth with a resource guide of local mental health resources as well as youth-centered organisations in the community.


AIME is a mentoring bridge between university and high school for Indigenous students. It supports students in Years 7 through to Year 12 with cultural pride, connection and aspirations.