Corrimal High School

Ad Altiora - To Higher Things

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Aboriginal Programs

Aboriginal students, like the whole school bidy, across all years participate in a number of extra-curricula activities. These include

  • Bullying and Racism workshop involving various community members and organisations have been developed to help promote reconciliation and awareness.
  • UOW students have also been involved in a mentoring tutorial centre at Corrimal High School. Across the school week, students from UOW will assist all students with any class work, home work, assignment and assessments.

A key focus for CHS is to provide staff and students with an increased level of cultural awareness. This will be achieved in a number of ways including.

  • Staff attend workshops with a focus on improving the educational outcomes of Aboriginal students and the genuine ingraining of culture within normal classrooms
  • Sgnificant dates are also celebrated in a number of ways thereby raising awareness of the Aboriginal Culture. During Term three Corrimal High School holds a strech of events across the entire week involving PDHPE, TAS, Science, English and HSIE departments. Our students, along with students from our CoS primary schools participate in all events.
  • The Aboriginal Education Team and student Koori Leadership Council work on other programs and initiatives to engage students in understanding the Aboriginal culture, Aboriginal history and technological advancements. This has facilitated a wide spread educational shift at Corrimal High School.
  • A key focus to bring Aboriginal stories and culture to all students at the school at CHS will be assisted by the residency of  Ms Kirli Saunders. Kirli is an Aboriginal Educator, writer and poet who is a regular contributor to our whole school Aboriginal focus. Kirli engaged, taught, entertained and motivated a wide cross-section of our school community. This includes our entire student body as well as the incorporation of her work in to all stage areas within the English faculty.
  • Aboriginal students will have the chance to attend school-based traineeships and university winter schools. The school-based traineeships will allow year 11 Aboriginal students to complete their preliminary course work as well as receiving a nationally recognised certificate of completion for certain employment sectors. The winter school will allow students to attend a fully week of university with all costs paid. The student will travel to university, live on campus and experience university life and study in an area they are interested in.