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Links with community

All schools provide opportunities for all students, staff and  the wider community to acquire and develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal history, cultures and experiences.

The NSW Department of Education acknowledges the connections between identity, Aboriginal culture and wellbeing and incorporrates various programs to build and bridge the connections made in these areas, embedding student wellbeing approaches to increase student engagement, participation and retention.

At Corrimal High School, we are commited to establishing and building those quality connections with Aboriginal community groups. Links with the community are crucial for all Aboriginal students. The Aboriginal culture revolves around and functions on the social connections and community of people they live with. Corrimal High School supports links with the Aboriginal community and has been involved in the following activities:

  • a cooperative agreement with the NIAECG (Northern Illawarra Aboriginal Education Consultative Group) has been signed. Attendance at NIAECG meetings allows information from this peak advisory community group to inform discussion with the CHS Aboriginal education team.

  • close links with feeder Primary Schools e.g. NAIDOC Day celebrations and Formal Assemblies.

  • close links to Aboriginal community members and organisations
  • presence at many Aboriginal celebration and commemoration activities.

Parents and community are welcome and your involvement in our school, and school decision process, is wanted. We would be happy to discuss your involvement within the school and commuity and ask that you contact the Principal (Mr Paul Roger), Aboriginal Education Coordinator (Mr Joel Foster) or ACLO (Ms Cassie Spears).