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Corrimal High School is dedicated to the continued improvement and development of the technological skills of its students and staff. As such Corrimal High School has been developing technology programs that can be utilised throughout a range of curriculum areas including:

  • a fleet of industry standard drones for aerial photography, timelapse, movie making, planning and surveying.
  • DSLR camera training for photography/video recording at excursions/in-school events
  • 3D modelling and printing using industry standard software such as Fusion 360, Blender and hardware such as UP Studio 3D printers
  • graphics design using the Adobe packages
  • connected classrooms using Google Classroom and Microsoft Office 365
  • video conferencing using Microsoft Teams
  • roving laptop stations available for student loan
  • Google apps for schools (PDF 1485KB)
  • a range industry standard of software for varying purposes.

Students are not the only ones educated in new technologies. Staff members also receive training on Moodle, and other online learning environments, and useful software to employ in their classrooms. Staff are dedicated to providing the best education possible and as such attend training days to up-skill in technologies relevant to their field and student interests.

Students can also access Moodle and online safety tests through our school classroom website.